We integrate with your eCommerce platform

Our WMS system connects to all popular sales platforms

Thanks to integration you get information about:

  • The status of each order

    you can track each order in real time, from picking and packing, up to delivery

  • The parcel tracking numbers

    After handing over your parcel to the courier company, you receive a tracking number for each package that informs you about your parcel's whereabouts

  • The inventory

    you have constant insight into your inventory - you know how much and what kind of products you possess. You also receive regular information about goods that returned to your inventory from returns

Access to a dedicated panel allows you to:

  • Manage multiple sales channels on a single platform
  • Have full control over the execution of orders and returns

What does standard integration look like?

1. Together with your dedicated onboarding manager, you establish the implementation schedule

2. After providing the documentation necessary to connect the systems (API), our technicians carry out the integration

3. We create a test order to check that everything works correctly

4. After the goods are delivered to the warehouse, we approve the stock and start the shipment process

Integrations with ecommerce

Platforms we integrate with:

Unable to see integration with your system?

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