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Order picking and efficient warehouse management

Order picking is one of the critical aspects of every warehouse’s and every fulfillment center’s work. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at order picking. What is this activity all about? And what role does it play in the supply chain?

What is fulfillment?

In this article, we want to show you what fulfillment is, what the benefits of using this service are, and how to find a perfect order fulfillment service provider.

4 amazing projects: How did BIZUU cope during the pandemic?

As it turns out, you can grow your business even during the pandemic and execute tremendous projects. This is what our client, a top Polish fashion brand BIZUU, does. In this article, you will find some of their most exciting ideas and projects.

How to avoid the Brexit bureaucratic bottleneck?

Brexit is here and there are lots of new rules that apply if you’re a UK ecommerce business looking to trade in the EU. This article gives you a simple rundown of how the rules have changed, discussing everything from VAT to HS codes, additional costs to potential sales uplifts. Find out everything you need to know to make trading continue as smoothly as possible and how a professional operator can get rid of some of the headaches.

Interesting content to read & listen | 3

Here goes some interesting content to read & listen! You’ll find a bit about recent IPOs, cybersecurity and growthpersistence, plus something from the news: Navalny and Gamestop.

All about fulfillment centers

What is a fulfillment center? Is it just a fancy name for a warehouse? Why are these facilities so popular in the eCommerce industry? If you’ve been asking yourself these questions, you’re in for a treat because today, we are going to dispel your doubts!

What is and how to use Fulfillment by Merchant

Amazon Fulfilled by Merchant (FbM) is currently one of the two most popular ways to ship products ordered on Amazon. What do you need to know about this solution? What are the basic principles of Amazon Fulfilled by Merchant? And what are the key benefits of the FbM option? Let’s find out!

Interesting content to read & listen | 2

We invite you to read the second part of the recommendation from our CEO. In this episode: best practices in structuring Data Team, insights about cybersecurity, story about Bitcoin and many others!

Interesting content to read & listen

We invite you to read the latest dose of recommendation from our CEO. Here you'll find inspiring podcasts, articles and books from the world of business, logistics, eCommerce and much, much more!

Fulfillment of organic products

Storage and fulfillment of bio-certified goods can be tricky. Such products are usually strictly controlled. Many eCommerce companies don’t have the necessary knowledge and resources to store them in compliance with EU regulations. Outsourcing of the logistics processes associated with food products can be an answer.

It was a good year! The summary of 2020 and Omnipack representatives’ predictions for 2021

Despite many surprises and obstacles, we have to admit that this year was a real milestone for Omnipack. We achieved record-breaking results, we launched two new warehouses, our cross-border expansion continues, and we are continually hiring new employees. We asked the company’s representatives to sum up the past 12 months in the logistics and eCommerce world.

What is a WMS system, and how to choose it?

Every medium-sized and large eCommerce company needs a Warehouse Management System. If you send more than 1,000 parcels per month, you simply have to have WMS software. In this article, you’ll find out what to take into account when picking one.

What will change in eCommerce and logistics in 2021?

Covid 19 changed the world in 2020. And it’s not done with us yet. As we look ahead and consider what trends we can expect to affect our businesses in 2021, it’s as well to remember that none of us could have predicted the momentous effect that the Covid 19 pandemic has had. But let’s look at what we can see coming.

What is last-mile delivery?

Have you ever wondered about all the possible ways to optimize the very last stage of the delivery process known as last-mile delivery? You will need an efficient WMS and a carefully selected courier company. A logistics operator can help, too!

The courier services to Germany – costs and B2B solutions

Germany is one of the most significant economic partners of Poland. It is also a country where about 2 million people of Polish origin live. As a result, queries like "courier to Germany" appear on Google more and more frequently. In this article, we are going to discuss all the key issues related to international shipping and international transportation.

Do you want to sell more? Go west!

Ecommerce is one of those sectors that offers almost unlimited development possibilities and is easily scalable. However, to reach new growth levels, you have to think about cross-border expansion, primarily to Western European countries. What are your possibilities, and what’s waiting for you behind the western border?

Cross-border payments

Thanks to the fulfillment service, the store's owner doesn't have to worry about the logistics issues. However, there are still several challenges that you have to face. One of them is related to cross-border payments. How can you adjust the payment infrastructure to meet the requirements of foreign customers?

Omnipack secures 2,5M EUR, bringing its total funding to 5M EUR and paving the way to further expansion in Europe

In November 2020, Omnipack, a Polish startup managing the eCommerce sector's logistics operations, gained another 2,5M EUR in funding. These funds will be utilised in cross-border expansion and technology improvement.

Sales on Amazon - all you need to know

You’ve decided that you want to enter foreign markets and chosen Amazon as your marketplace. No wonder that starting sales within this marketplace is on the one hand tempting, but on the other hand raises questions and doubts. We are going to try and resolve them in this article.

Do you care about your mCustomers?

Today, over half of all online traffic happens via mobile devices, and two out of every three dollars in eCommerce are spent through a mobile device. You should take good care of your mobile customers! How can you get your store ready to serve them?

Take care of cybersecurity in your online store

Cybersecurity is, by far, one of the essential aspects of running an online store. In fact, every eCommerce business is a massive repository containing both personal and financial data. There are many measures you can take to protect these resources, and in this article, we will show you the critical ones.

Omnipack conquers the German market

German eCommerce is one of the largest eCommerce industries in the world. That’s why we have to be there! At Omnipack, our primary focus is on the strategic expansion and development on the German market.

Optimize your eCommerce supply chain

An optimized and functional supply chain is one of the crucial elements of running an eCommerce company. Without a well-thought-out supply chain, you expose yourself to the risk of losing customers and, ultimately, cash flow. What should you bear in mind when it comes to designing and optimizing the supply chain for your online store?

How to deal with the dead stock issue?

Dead stock is a term that refers to unsellable inventory. For obvious reasons, dead stock can cause some serious problems at your eCommerce company, just to mention lost money. What causes dead stock? How can you avoid this problem? And what can you do if you already struggle with dead stock? It’s time to find out!

10 TIPS: How to build an international eCommerce business?

In one of our previous articles, we showed you our three-step cross-border strategy for your eCommerce business. Now, we want to tackle this subject again and help you build a successful, international eCommerce company.

Fulfillment, cross-dock, dropshipping–what is the difference between the logistics models in eCommerce?

Choosing a logistics model in eCommerce is one of the first decisions we need to make when we start selling on the Internet. This, however, does not mean that we have to remain true to it once and for all. Today, we’d like to analyze the most popular eCommerce models: Fulfillment, cross-dock, dropshipping, as well as our own warehouse and suggest which one to choose.

Start utilizing a product bundling strategy

What if we told you that there is a straightforward and cheap way to lower your shipping costs and increase AOV (Average Order Value)? Without a doubt, you would be interested, wouldn’t you?

Poland: A perfect country for all your logistics processes

If you run an online store that operates in Europe, you should consider moving your logistics processes to Poland. Why? There are several vital reasons that we are going to discuss in this article.

Cash on delivery–everything you need to know

At the end of the customer journey in an online store, a customer has to decide on the payment option. Should cash on delivery be one of them?

Facebook Shops – the new channel for your online store

Facebook informed us about their new feature designed especially with the eCommerce sector in mind - Facebook Shops.

6 ideas: Choose the perfect eCommerce pricing strategy

In this article, we are going to show you what you should take into account when devising your perfect eCommerce pricing strategy.

Master Black Friday and Christmas sales!

That this year’s Black Friday and Christmas sales will be completely different - your eCommerce business has to be locked and loaded before it all starts.

Start selling online - the digitization of your store

With our help, you'll find out what you can do to turn your stationary store into a successful eCommerce company.

The 7-step business plan for your online store

A business plan for an online store is the pillar of online activity. In our article you will learn how to create it in 7 easy steps.

New Client: RunnersClub–a professional runners’ store

RunnersClub is a store for running enthusiasts. Recently, they’ve become one of Omnipack’s merchants. This article shows the beginnings of our cooperation.

Caution! eCommerce on holiday!

eCommerce on holiday? Thankfully, you are not in a no-win situation. There are at least three strategies that can help your online store grow.

Food logistics. Case study: Jadłosfera

Proper temperature, monitoring of product expiration dates, and necessary certificates. What does food logistics look like behind the scenes?

Cross-Border strategy for e-Commerce in 3 easy steps

We've prepared a three-step strategy that focuses on the cross-border expansion of your online store - see what you have to do.

Ecommerce During A Pandemic. An Opportunity Or A Threat?

Coronavirus has caused an avalanche in the business world. Can the eCommerce sector develop during a pandemic? What strategies should e-stores adopt?

We’re Opening a New Logistics Center in Nadarzyn [PHOTOS]

Opening of a new warehouse is a complex process we’ve been anticipating for a long time. What is the moving process of a warehouse like, step by step?

Package Returns - What Is the Procedure, and What Are the Seller's Responsibilities?

Returns on orders are commonplace in most online stores. Consumers have every right to return products, and sellers are obliged to accept them.

Packing Orders: What Packaging Do You Need & How Much Does It Cost? [+ ECO-FRIENDLY OPTIONS]

This time, we offer advice on how to plan the materials that you need and what is needed at the order packing station in the online store.

What to Do at Home During a Pandemic? #stayhome and Support Local Brands

Being forced to spend time at home doesn’t mean hours spent on Netflix, embroidering, or learning a new language for everyone. However, if we have a little more time, we can use it to support Polish brands.

How Do Couriers and Post Offices Work? [COVID-19 update]

What is the coronavirus's courier's effect? Description of the functioning of individual suppliers in the era of pandemic: DPD, FedEx, DHL and others.

Do Your Customers Recommend You? A Few Words About eCommerce Customer Satisfaction

Contrary to what you may think, this isn't going to be an article that shows you how to measure NPS. We will try to shed a slightly different light on customer satisfaction and look at it through the perspective of logistics. So, how does logistics affect customer satisfaction?

How to Manage Your Online Store Logistics Within 3 Hours per Week?

Logistics is the core of eCommerce, but we often wonder how to save money on it. In this article, we look for savings in time.

"We're Like Netflix, but for Fashion."

Online rentals has more and more followers among today's consumers. This is a new approach to buying things in zero-waste style. Check out the Case Study

We Pack Dresses for Stars to Wear. Fashion Brand BIZUU Entrusts Their Logistics to Omnipack

BIZUU is a fashion brand that has been operating on the market for 9 years. The success didn't happen overnight - for several years BIZUU has been effectively implementing the omnichannel strategy, creating various points of contact with its customers. Omnipack has taken over the logistics service of the brand.

What Can You Learn About Your Customers During the Holiday Shopping Peak?

Some stores make all of their profit during these shopping holidays, especially in the period starting around Black Friday and running through to Christmas and the late December and early January sales. As a retailer, it’s absolutely essential that you’re prepared to maximize sales and revenue.

[CASE STUDY] Omnichannel in Fashion Logistics - Hubstyle (Cardio Bunny, Sugarfree)

HubStyle is becoming more and more popular not only among e-consumers. The brand successfully implements the omnichannel strategy.

7 Questions for... Mateusz Ogonowski, CEO & Co-Founder of Conversion

Mateusz Ogonowski is the CEO & Co-founder of our partner - Conversion and Growcode. For 10 years, he has been using data and analysis to help online stores increase conversions. During our Open Day we asked him a few questions about the eCommerce business, partnerships and the future.

"We came here with a clear purpose - to see what we could outsource to you." A report from the second Omnipack Open Day

During our Second Open Day, we hosted owners and managers of growing online stores. Even though their products may vary or their sales models may differ, they all have one thing in common. They want to scale their businesses, increase sales and provide their clients with the best possible customer service.

How to Make the Most of Q4? A Plan for the Seasonal Sales Peak

Q4 is a good time for the eCommerce industry - but to get the most out of this opportunity, you need to be prepared. How can you reap the benefits of this season of spending?

“Now I know how much I can achieve with my store’s logistics" - a report from Omnipack’s Open Day

20 online stores, 4 informational sessions and a warehouse tour - Omnipack’s Open Day gave online stores a glimpse behind the scenes with a visit to our fulfillment center in Nadarzyn.

Gym, Youtube And...Fashion - When Szmexy Founded a Clothing Brand He Handed His Logistics over to Us

Improved, the clothing brand of Piotr Tomaszewski, better known to the Polish fitness industry as Szmexy, has joined our group of clients. What made Szmexy decide to outsource his logistics?

Applied Art in the Warehouse - Meet Our Newest Client, 9design

After 10 years of managing their own logistics, Polish award-winning brand 9design decided to hand their logistics management over to Omnipack.

8 Changes for E-Logistics to Take Care of This Summer

The halfway point of every vacation period is a good time to address those areas usually pushed to the background. Even if the summer vacation is almost over, there are still a few things you can look into and improve before returning to normalcy.

What does onboarding in Omnipack look like?

Have you chosen to go with fulfillment? Before the first parcel shipment leaves the warehouse, you need to go through the onboarding, a process during which the logistics operator will learn exactly what your needs are regarding shipping and storing products and show you how your cooperation will proceed.

Start selling in Germany!

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has harmed the German economy, it’s still a rapidly developing country with broad access to the Internet and openness for online shopping.

Black Friday like you’ve never seen before

The times when Black Friday was strictly for the brick-and-mortar stores and Cyber Monday was for eCommerce companies are long gone. Current estimations are that 40% of Black Friday sales happen online. This year, this value may be even higher. What does this mean for online store owners?

New for Gepetto: Customer Service and Eyeglass Repair

Omnipack has been working with the Gepetto brand for two months. Since then, we’ve only built on this success by launching two more services - eyeglass repair and customer service.

New Client - DaquĂŻni, Activewear for Women

Daquïni produces designer activewear essentials sought by women all over the world — from the United States to Japan. With such a global customer base, Daquïni ’s brand logistics need to keep pace and Omnipack is excited to accept this challenge!

Karol Milewski Joins Board of Omnipack as Chief Commercial Officer

Aligned with Omnipack from the beginning - first as an investor and a member of the supervisory board - today, Karol Milewski joins Omnipack’s operations team as Chief Commercial Officer.

New client: Balmora, Polish streetwear brand

In some issues, fashion customers are more demanding than in other industries. They notice slight defects, but they also appreciate the attention to detail. They orderer many products, and then return most of them. We help a young Polish streetwear brand to face such challenges.

Why The Correct Integration of eCommerce Systems Is So Important?

Online stores are racing to deliver parcels ever faster and cheaper. In this race, customer experience is at stake - the correct integration of e-commerce systems can give us a significant advantage.

What to Keep in Mind While Selling Online Abroad? The Challenges of Cross-Border Ecommerce (Part 1/4)

The online cross-border sales in Europe are increasing rapidly each year, only in 2018 generates 95 billion euros turnover. The European eCommerce Report 2018 says that the lion’s share of that income (67%) take markets form the Western part of the continent. The largest eCommerce market in Europe is the UK, followed closely by France and Germany.

Omnipack Wins 2nd Place at the 2019 E-Commerce Germany Awards 🏆

Omnipack won second prize in the category “Best logistics solution” at this year’s edition of the E-Commerce Germany Awards in Berlin. As the only Polish company on the podium, Omnipack clearly stood out.

Black Friday at Omnipack. How Did We Succeed in Handling All of Our Customers’ Orders?

This year's Black Friday results have hardly surprised anyone who observes consumer trends. Just as in every year, sales records in Poland and around the world have been broken and the role of eCommerce in global sales trends has also grown. So, what did the handling of parcels in our warehouse look like on Black Friday?

How Do Omnipack and Muscat Create a Positive Customer Experience Together?

Muscat is one of those brands that knows how to stand out from the pack with its modern services tailored to each individual client. It's even fair to say that in their case, the customer experience is managed to perfection. What premium logistics services does Muscat offer in order to win the trust of customers and make them so willing to share their positive impressions?

The 6 Most Common Mistakes Ecommerce Makes in Logistics

“A man who never makes a mistake will never make anything.” It’s difficult to undermine the legitimacy of this saying, but we would certainly prefer it didn’t include us. That's why we prepared a list - eCommerce errors most often made in logistics.

e-Commerce in Poland: How to start selling online in Poland?

Just 26% of Polish customers buy products in foreign online stores! The conclusion is simple - you have to be here if you want to win the Polish market!

5 logistics improvements your customers will love

The importance of logistics in corporate structures grows. Today, it’s not just about packaging a parcel and sending it to a customer. Thanks to modern logistics processes, you can build customer loyalty and gain a real competitive advantage. What improvements should you implement in your store in order to win the market?

Why don’t European online stores offer cross-border sales?

The number of online stores is growing every year. More and more of them are also opening up for foreign sales. How can fulfillment help deal with the main barriers - costs, delivery times, legal issues, and returns?

Cross-Border strategy for e-Commerce in 3 easy steps

If you want to stay afloat, you have to rethink your strategy and adjust it to the post-COVID scenery. And one of the most significant aspects of doing online business is your cross-border strategy.

Fulfillment in Poland – more and more eCommerce companies outsource logistics

The fulfillment service is just starting out on the Polish market, but 97% of customers are already satisfied with it. Moreover, Polish logistics operators can expect an increase in interest in their services in the near future.

How to build a crisis-proof eCommerce business?

Check what 3 elements you need to take care of to make your eCommerce crisis-proof.

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