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Omnipack is a company that provides a full-stack fulfillment service. We offer full logistics services for the eCommerce companies–storage, packaging, shipping, return management, and a number of additional services.

Thanks to the combination of the highest quality operations and our own technology, we provide our clients with stable and flexible solutions, ensuring logistics at the level of top global giants. We focus on the eCommerce industry, in which we support over 100 companies from all over Europe.


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About us

Our history

Omnipack was established by three logistics and eCommerce experts - Tomek Kasperski (CEO), Rafał Szcześniewski (CLO), and Karol Milewski (CRO).

Tomek Kasperski and Rafal Szczesniewski met for the first time in 2013. They were co-creating a logistics center for Westwing Home&Living – a leading online furniture shop. Their first project was a tremendous success. The center turned out to be the most effective warehouse in Central and Eastern Europe and became the logistics headquarters for Westwing in the CEE region. Simultaneously, Karol Milewski was a chairman of the board at iProspect - the global digital marketing leader. Thanks to the experience gained on many European markets during the cooperation with InPost and PayPal, Karol has learned the eCommerce services world from the sales, operational, and logistics point of view.

Our three founders' unique competencies allowed them to build Omnipack - a leader of the fulfillment service for small and medium-sized eCommerce companies. Tomek decided to be the newly-founded enterprise CEO, while Rafał, as CLO, focused on operations. Initially, Karol supported Omnipack as a member of the supervisory board. In 2019, he joined the team in the operation field, as a CRO.

We've been developing our operations ever since. We invest in innovative solutions and build our own technological tools. Today, Omnipack comprises 16,500 sq m of modern warehouse space in two locations (Nadarzyn, outside Warsaw, and Gorzów Wielkopolski, near the Polish-German border). Today, over 100 companies trust us, both in Poland and abroad. We store, pack, and ship millions of products, even the most demanding ones: glass, pottery, multi-dimensional furniture, groceries, and cosmetics.

This is how Omnipack was built - a fulfillment platform that takes care of the logistics processes for medium-sized European online stores.

In our logistics center, we look after over 100 shops.

We take the burden of operational management, systems, warehouse space, and infrastructure investment off them. Thanks to cooperation with us, midsize e-shops can compete with the greatest. This is a courageous plan which we've been trying to accomplish by combining the business competencies with our know-how about logistics.

Tomek Kasperski

Founder & CEO


Rafał Szczęśniewski

Founder & CLO


Karol Milewski

Founder & CRO

Our warehouses

Omnipack at glance


2 A-class warehouses

located near Warsaw, next to motorways and an airport and in Gorzów Wielkopolski, at the Polish-German border


Shelving infrastructure

adapted to the needs of various e-commerce branches


Advanced warehouse management system (WMS)

guarantees a quick order realization


16 500 sq m of total space

equipped in warehouse solutions


References from our Merchants

It’s been four years since I started cooperating with Omnipack. It’s a fantastic logistics partner. They are professional and reliable. I always feel that they know what they are doing. My online store operates on a niche market. However, when a dart boom started in January, my orders went sky high, up to 300%! I’m happy to say that Omnipack managed these increased volumes of orders and effectively fulfilled the vast majority of parcels. Amazing job! My customers are satisfied, and I get great reviews. A dedicated account manager is another vital benefit. They help me solve all the ambiguities, they support and explain everything; shortly - marvelous contact.


Our cooperation with Omnipack has been brilliant since the beginning of 2016. They offer a very quick response time to emails, flexibility on agreeing to terms, a clear price list, very fast implementation into two shops, impeccable dispatch of packages and no returns of damaged products during transport. I strongly recommend this company.


I have always dreamed about a business that I could control remotely – basically from anywhere. When my stock warehouse expanded and orders realization was eating up too much my time, I decided to find a logistics partner. Cooperation with Omnipack has given me more freedom in the business. I got rid of operational work (i.e., packing) and gained time for sale development and acquisition of new markets.


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