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Why industry leaders choose Omnipack?

Competitive advantage

The best logistics services for online stores

  • 99,92% - that's our Perfect Order Ratio

  • Cut-off until 6 pm. - orders placed until that time in your store are shipped the same day

  • Same/Next day delivery - build your competitive advantage

  • 16 500 sqm of modern warehouse space adjusted to eCommerce needs

  • We have over 15 years of experience in logistics and eCommerce

  • We have shipped over 4 million parcels


The complete fulfillment process

  • 01 Goods inbound

    We organize the transportation for your products to our logistics centers; we inbound your goods within 24h in our warehouse.

  • 02 Warehousing

    We store your products utilizing adapted infrastructure: fashion stands, metal stands, hangers, limited access zones.

  • 03 Pick & pack

    After receiving an order, we collect wares from appropriate locations with the usage of optimized picking paths. Next, products are packed according to your requirements.

  • 04 Delivery

    We ship products globally, thanks to cooperation with the leading European carriers. We offer competitive prices and late cut-off - up to 6 pm.

  • 05 Returns

    We manage returns. All returned goods are checked for their quantity and quality. We offer preparing products for reconsignment: service, laundering, ironing, refreshing, repacking. We bring full-value products in the stock status.

We ensure quick and trouble-free integration with your eCommerce platform and access to all logistics operations from your individual Merchant Portal.

New markets

Cross-border business expansion

With our help, entering foreign markets is possible from day one.

Our warehouses are located in strategic points that enable us to ship parcels to every European country. We offer dedicated courier links with the largest local carriers. We guarantee full shipping cost optimization, thanks to a large volume of orders. We also help with customs treatment.

Your company always taken care of

A dedicated team

At Omnipack, you are always supported by a team of experts with several years of experience in logistics.

You will receive the necessary help at every stage of cooperation with us. The first stage is implementation. Our team will gladly guide you through this process. Next, your account manager will support you on a day-to-day basis. They will help you with all of the logistics processes and suggest optimal solutions.

Take care of your sales,
leave logistics to us

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The logistics services for online stores. Offers for specific sectors and industries:


We have rack infrastructure adjusted for storing clothes, and we also offer personalized packaging, alongside handling returns. We can prepare products for new shipments, thanks to the availability of laundry and sewing rooms on our warehouse premises.

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Packaging according to your guidelines? We are able to perform any dedicated service. We prepare sets, personalization of packages, letters to customers, or packaging rebranding. We store all cosmetics at the right temperatures and monitor their expiration dates.

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Toys and children products

Thousands of products for children leave our warehouse each month. We provide safety packaging, and if necessary, we can identify any product, even without barcodes. We offer a cross-dock service - the efficient acceptance of the assortment and its delivery to the customer on the same day.

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Food and diet supplements

Our warehouse is heated and adapted to store food products. Monitoring expiration dates allows us to ship assortments with the nearest expiration date first. We carry out the entire process based on the necessary approvals, such as consent for storing and marketing foodstuffs from Sanepid.

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Furniture and accessories

We have 7 years of experience within furniture logistics, and, as a result, we use our know-how to apply the best practices in this area. We can store and protect your goods prior to shipment, alongside delivering products straight to the recipient’s door, handling returns and ensuring small repairs, when required.

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Benefits of working with Omnipack

A-class warehouses

We offer a modern warehouse space in two locations near the largest communication hubs - near Warsaw and at the Polish-German border.

Expert knowledge

We know how to increase the quality of your customer service thanks to the expert support of specialists with multi-annual experience in logistics for eCommerce.

Beneficial settlements

You don't have to know everything about logistics to calculate how much you are going to pay. The settlement is based solely on the number of sent parcels and occupied space.

Easy sales scaling

When your eCommerce business grows, we grow along with you.

Partnership approach

At every stage of our cooperation, we optimize your processes and advise you on what to do in order to sell more and to sell more efficiently. Indeed, we know eCommerce inside out!

Software integration

We are integrated with all of the largest eCommerce platforms, which guarantees quick and trouble-free implementation.

Insight into warehouse operations

Thanks to our author tools, you can instantly verify what's happening with your products. You can also supervise the return management process.

Custom packaging

We offer a wide range of custom packaging, such as branded packaging, ecological solutions, and low-cost materials - we have it all!

"Thanks to cooperation with Omnipack, we can provide a range of logistics services at the top level."


This operator supports us, among many other services, in dealing with the B2B stream (store service, sending welcome packs to cooperating stores), B2C stream, returns, and cross-docking. Such a broad range of services requires ongoing insight into operations and efficient contact. Omnipack does an excellent job here! We are glad that, thanks to this cooperation, we can be calm regarding all the logistic questions and focus entirely on further business development.

"As our logistics partner, Omnipack addresses our needs regarding constant sales growth and entering new online channels."


We chose Omnipack because of the possibility of integrating their platform with our logistics and accounting systems. Thanks to that solution, we can automate some of the order fulfillment processes and speed them up. Moreover, we value extraordinary care for packing our orders. At Bizuu, we pack them in 12 different ways (depending on the collection or amount of products in one order).

integration with ecommerce

Easy integration with
all eCommerce platforms

The best courier and transportation companies in one place. At your service!

Thanks to a large volume of parcels, we can offer a wide range of delivery options at competitive prices.

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Provide your customers with the Amazon-grade customer experience level

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